Day 60

Upon completion of Lesson 6, you will be able to:

  • Sort data in a worksheet.
  • Use AutoFilter to display only specified data in a worksheet.
  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight data.
  • Hide worksheet columns and rows.
  • Insert a shape in a worksheet.
  • Insert a picture in a worksheet.
  • Use a template to create a new workbook.
  • Insert a hyperlink in a worksheet.
  • Download a workbook in a different file format.
  • Insert, edit, and delete comments.

Activity 6-1

  1. Objects are a simple way to present hierarchical information or relationships, such as for a team, club, school, family, or organization. For example, your school probably has a principal, teachers, and students. In a worksheet, create a grouping of objects to illustrate at least three levels of that hierarchy like an organization chart. Format the object appropriately.  Name the file Activity 6-1 followed by your initials.