Day 79

Upon completion of Lesson 3, you will be able to:

  • Create and format WordArt.
  • Build and format charts.
  • Create a table.
  • Modify a table’s style and layout.
  • Draw, select, manipulate, and format an object.
  • Scale and size an object.
  • Copy, move, and group objects.
  • Create a text box on a shape.
  • Animate shapes.
  • Order visual elements on a slide.
  • Insert objects on a slide.
  • Add a header or footer.

Project 3-1

  1. Open the Animals presentation from your Data Files, and then rename it as Animal Shelter, followed by your initials.
  2. Display slide 4, redesign the slide to look like the slide in Figure 3-40 below.
  3. Insert a new slide, draw five different objects on the slide, and then enter text on at least three of the objects. Group two of the objects.
  4. Create a table on a slide. Enter the text of your choice, and then format the table ‘s borders, fill, and line type.
  5. Create a chart on a slide with the title Funds Raised This Year. Enter data for at least four rows and four columns in a spreadsheet.  Name the spreadsheet Project 3-1 followed by your initials.
  6. Add your name to the first slide and then close the presentation.

Project 3-2

  1. Make a copy of the Animal Shelter presentation and Project 3-1 spreadsheet you created in Project 3-1.
  2. Rename the file Animal Shelter Altered and Project 3-2 followed by your initials.
  3. Display the slide with the chart.  Open the Project 3-2 spreadsheet.
  4. Change two of the data points. Add a chart title to the chart. Copy that chart and replace the current chart in your presentation with this new chart.
  5. Insert a new slide, and then add two pictures of your choice, from your computer or from a search on the Internet. Order the photos on the slide, and then animate one of the photos.
  6. View the presentation, and then note any changes you want to make.
  7. Make changes to your presentation based on your notes.
  8. Exit Presentation.

Activity 3-1

  1. Use the Internet to research a company. Use the information you find to create a presentation about the company that includes an organization chart, a graph, a table, and at least one other object.  
    • Apply a theme to the presentation.
    • Include your name in the title slide.
    • Use the spelling checker to make sure you have no spelling errors in the presentation.
    • Name the presentation The Company followed by your initials.

Activity 3-2

  1. You want to make some changes to some graphics on several slides. Use the Google Presentation Help system to find out how to do the following:
    • Change the shape of any drawn object, such as a star or arrow, on a slide.
    • Align text vertically instead of horizontally in a table cell.
    • Change the various features in a chart.
  2. Create a new Google Slide presentation.  Name the file Presentation Help followed by your initials.  Change the slide layout to Title and Body.  In the title placeholder, type Presentation Help.  In the body, list your three research results identified above.

Activity 3-3

  1. Think about a company that you want to start. Use a template from Google Presentation to create several slides in a new presentation to let people know about your company. The presentation should include at least four slides:
    • A title slide with the name of your company
    • A slide with a chart
    • A slide with two drawn objects
    • A slide with an image
    • A slide with a formatted table
    • Include your name in the title slide
  2. Name the presentation as My Company followed by your initials