Day 74-90

Semester Project

  1. You have recently been hired as the marketing director for the new hotel your boss wants to build.  He has requested that you do some research to find a good location for this hotel.  He wants you to make sure there will be enough tourist traffic to warrant him spending the money on this hotel.  Once you find a location, you need to look for a specific address that you would like the hotel to be located at.  If there is already a building in this location, you can assume that building will be taken down and replaced with a new one.  The building he plans to build will be a family-friendly hotel with multiple amenities to meet the needs of his family clientele.  It will be your job to identify, establish, and market the hotel, its offerings, and amenities to his potential customers.  To make this a success, complete the following:
    1. Create a new folder in your Computer Graphics folder titled Semester Project.
    2. Research some of the popular hotels across the country (find at least 10) that are well known for meeting the needs of a family.  Identify where they are located, what amenities they offer, what attractions are around the hotel for the family to do, places to eat, and how the families get to the hotel.  Document your findings in a new Google Sheet titled Popular Hotels-(Your Initials).  This spreadsheet should have the following major headings with pertinent information for each hotel:  History, Location, Amenities, Local Attractions, Rating.  (50 pts)
    3. To obtain additional information from potential customers, create a Google Form using the information you gathered from your research in #1 to survey your classmates to identify what things they would like in a hotel.  Let the Google Form automatically collect the results in a new Google Sheet titled SO Survey Results-(Your Initials).
    4. Using the data you collected in #1 and #2, create a new Google Document titled Our Hotel-(Your Initials).  In this document, you will write a report that explains your new hotel and the offerings it will have.  Your report should have the following headings:  Overview, Location, Amenities, Nearby Attractions, Travel To.  Under each heading, you will write a paragraph or more explaining the details about your hotel.
    5. Inside of your Semester Project folder, create a new folder titled Advertisements.  All the materials you use and create in Step 5 will be placed in this folder.  Using the information you found, you will need to create three different advertisements with the knowledge you have about Adobe Photoshop.  One will need to be focused on marketing your hotel to a child ages 0-10, a second for ages 11-21, and a third for the adults ages 22-above.  Your focus in the ad should be on informing the prospect about the hotel, but specifically what things are attractive to them going there.  To do this, you will use free images from Pixabay.comYou will need to place each of the free photos from Pixabay into your folder to document the original photos to be compared to your final photo.  Name the following images accordingly: Advertisement 0-10-(Your Initials)Advertisement 11-21-(Your Initials)Advertisement 22+-(Your Initials).
    6. Inside of your Semester Project folder, create a new folder titled Website.  All the materials you use and create in Step 6 will be placed in this folder.  Your boss has hired a web developer to create a website for your hotel.  He will do the designing for the all the pages as well as use information from your report above within that site.  However, your boss would like you to create images to be used on the website.  He’d like you to create five images for each of the web pages on the site.  One header image with the dimensions of 1900 x 225 and four images for the page with dimensions of 960 x960.  So 5 images per web page, or a total of 25 photos in all.  The web pages are titled Home, About The Hotel, Amenities, Things To Do, and How To Get Here.  It will be your responsibility to take what you know about your hotel, your potential clients, and all the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop to design four images that are pertinent to the content on the page and attractive to the potential customers.  Name each image according to the page it will be on followed by the number 1-5 depending on which image you are saving.  For example, the header image for the Home page would be titled Home-1-(Your Initials), while the remaining four images would be Home-2-(Your Initials)Home-3-(Your Initials)Home-4-(Your Initials), and Home-5-(Your Initials).  You will be responsible to include each original image that you gather for your final images and place them in your folder to document what the initial image looked like.
  2. Share your Semester Project folder with your teacher.  Your semester project will be graded using this Semester Project Rubric.